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The Grokking GeoStudio blog is moving to a more permanent home:

If you follow this blog regularly, please pay attention to make sure you move with me!

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I’ll be publishing my next post on graphing goodies Monday at  See you then!



welcome direct contact readers

I’m expecting a surge of visits over the next few days as I’ve been informed the October edition of Direct Contact will include a link to this blog.  Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here. 

I plan to blog something interesting at least once a week, so drop by again for more insider tips.  Or subscribe by email to get the latest article as soon as it’s written. 

You know what you can do for me in return?  Leave comments!  That’s the part of blogging that really gets me pumped.  If what I wrote was particularly useful to you, let me know.  Better yet, if you have your own tips to share, mention them in the comments too!  It will help everyone else who’s reading, and it will give me ideas of things to write about in the future.



As a UI programmer for GEO-SLOPE, I’m one of the guys whose job is to make sure you only have to wrestle with your geotechnical problem, not with our software.  That’s a constant struggle for us!  How do we make the software more powerful and yet easier to use?  Often that means the most common features are easily discovered (from the menu, toolbars or dialog boxes) but the more powerful ones are somewhat hidden.

In this blog I hope to uncover some of the more hidden features of GeoStudio 2007, explain some of the thinking that goes into the product’s interface, and give you an intuitive understanding of how things work.

(Please note:  I am NOT an engineer!  I won’t (can’t!) be talking about how to model or when to use one material model over another.  What I can (and will) give you is an insider’s look at the GeoStudio interface.)