using your mouse wheel

Knowing how to use your mouse wheel can make you more efficient in a graphically-oriented application like GeoStudio.  The more you can do with your mouse, the less time is spent moving your hand from your mouse to your keyboard.


In GeoStudio, like AutoCAD, the mouse wheel can be used for zooming.  Spin the wheel up to zoom in, or down to zoom out. 

Furthermore, whatever point your mouse is over will remain in that spot, while the rest of the drawing zooms in or out around it.  That makes it very easy to zoom in to a point of interest, then zoom out and back in to another point without having to touch the scrollbars or toolbars.


Your mouse wheel can also function as a third button.  It’s often referred to as the “middle mouse button”.  Press it over a GeoStudio window and your cursor will change to a “hand”.  Keep it pressed while dragging the mouse and your drawing will move.  It’s the same as using the scrollbars except you can move horizontally and vertically at the same time.  (And arguably more intuitive!)


Long before context menus became standard, we used the right mouse button to exit the current drawing mode.  That’s still the case in the main window–right clicking will nearly always exit the current mode or close the current dialog box. 

Within other windows, however, like Draw Graph or KeyIn Materials, right-clicking will display a context menu of useful commands.

Some people prefer the keyboard, so we make sure that the mouse is never required to get a job done (except for actually drawing something on the screen–it’s tough to get around that one!), but if you’re a mouser, these tips will put you on the road to efficient modeling.


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